Result Gazettes

The Result Gazette(s) available at is a Public Document available freely at the Official Board Websites and are free to distribute. The Official Documents Contain basic student result used for verification purposes by the educational institutions.

Name Search

Digital Database of the Result Gazette is available at for Roll Numbers, Student Name & Marks; is also part of Public Record available for general access.

Top 100 Positions

Student Record for Top 100 Positions (Positions for all Students) is calculated by and is a rough estimate for positions and student ranking. This record is ownership of Pass.PK and part of the copyright.

Past Papers

All Past Examination Papers are part of the public record available for general access.

Study Material

All Study Material, Notes etc available at Pass.PK are sole ownership of Pass.PK.

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The Brand Name “PASS.PK” & the associated brand/website logo is copyrighted.