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If you are looking for 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board (Name Search for Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board), then you have come to the right place. First of all congratulations to all students who have passed the 10th Class board examinations. As Students wait keenly while the educational boards get busy checking the exam papers and preparing the result. We bring you Name Search for Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board (Class 10th) and other selected educational Boards of Pakistan only at PASS.PK. All the information you are seeking about 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board is here on this page.


Result by Name – 10th Class Result 2017

Now Students can Search the 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board by Name at PASS PK. We have made it possible for Students to search the result by first name, last name or both. In most cases Name Search usually gets available 20 days after result declaration date by the board. So for example Name search will be available on 15th August if the if 10th Class Result was announcement was on 25th July 2017. We try our best to publish the result as soon as possible. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to compile a single result as all the results are manually compiled by us. Hopefully we will be publishing Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board as it depends on availability of result data.


Name Search for 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board will be available or it is already is available at PASS.PK. Please note that Name Search is available for selected boards (bise) only, such as BISE Lahore. We will be adding Name Search feature for other educational boards in the near future. Just type your name in the Search Box and you will get the results instantly on the next page. Please note that this Website caters Result by Name for Annual Examinations only. For Supplementary Examination Result please go to the official websites of Lahore Board.


Top Position Holders

Top 3 Position Holders: Every Year Lahore Board also publishes a toppers list and the top three position holders in the result gazette. The top position holders of Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board is available in the official result gazette of BISE Lahore.


Top 100 Position Holders: We at PASS.PK also compile our own result and mention overall positions for all the board students. That means all the students who have passed the 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board can or will be able to see their positions when available on our website. The Positions of top 100 students of Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board will hopefully also be available only at PASS.PK. We will be adding a feature to filter and sort result for our result database in the near future.


10th Class Exam 2017 Lahore Board

The Matriculation Exam were conducted in the month of March & April 2017 for Class 10th 2017. More than 1 lac students appeared in the 10th Class Exam 2017 of BISE Lahore Board. The Theory Papers are taken first with subjective and objective type question papers and practical exam follow afterwards. The Cumulative Result of both the classes appears together on the result card after the result compilation. Also, Students appear in 8 or more subjects in this particular examination. The Matric Result announcement is about 2 to 3 months after the examinations culminate. Likewise the 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board is / will be declared a few months after the examinations.


10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board


Every Year Lahore Board Schedules 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board in the month of July at 10:10am in the morning. The Result announcement for 10th Class 2017 is set for the same month as previous years. Matric Students of Class 10th wait patiently every year for this result as it is deciding factor for College admissions. The Matric Result Result 2017 Lahore Board is cumulative of both the year’s marks. As such 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board is not separately declared.


BISE Lahore (Board) Result


Every year the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore announces the result on their official website. Likewise, students can check their BISE Lahore Board Result in various ways as mentioned below. Interestingly, BISE Lahore is also known informally as 22 Lahore or simply as Lahore Board. The Educational Board also provides other information for students on their website such as result notifications, exam notifications, result card and download important forms related to examinations. The 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board is / will be available on the official website of the board


Result by Roll Number – 10th Class 2017

Just like Name Search, students can also search the 10th class result 2017 Lahore Board by the roll number. Also, Students can do this on our website on the BISE Lahore Board result page. All you have to do is enter your roll number, select the class and year to search for your desired result.


Result by SMS

The Board Students can check their result 10th class result 2017 Lahore Board via mobile as well. Procedure for checking Matric Result 2017 for Lahore Board is as following:


Type your Roll Number and Send it to the SMS Code for Lahore Board


Result App by PASS.PK

We also have a dedicated android app where you can easily search latest Matric Result 2017 both by Name & Roll Number. You may also check the 10th class Result 2017 Lahore Board using our PASS.PK android app.


Result Gazette – Lahore Board

BISE Lahore Board publishes the result gazette on the same morning as the result day.

The board issues both a hard copy and a soft copy of the result gazette. The Result Gazette Secondary School Certificate (Annual) Examination, 2017 will be available on our website if we able to get a gazette copy. Also, you can download the available Matric Result 2017 Gazette (10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board) from our Result Gazette Page.


The following disclaimer by Board is quoted in the Result Gazette


“The result Gazette is issued as a notice only. Any entry appearing in this notification does not confer any right or privilege on a candidate for the grant of a certificate, which will be issued
under the Rules /Regulations on the basis of the original record in the Board’s office.”


Lahore Board Prize Distribution Ceremony 2017

BISE Lahore organizes prize distribution ceremony for toppers students is usually a while before result announcement on the website. Many students, their parents, teachers and academics attend the Ceremony for 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board. The top 3 position holders win the prizes and the event gets a decent press release. The National newspapers publishes the List of names of those who have secured positions all over Pakistan. Afterwards result details and online results become available. These students get scholarships by various institutes, Schools and universities of the country after result declaration.

Result Mark Sheet


You will be able to see your detailed mark sheet or result card once the result is officially available. Besides that, the Result cards are available on the official website of boards and accessible  with your roll Number. Please keep in mind that the mark sheets are made available on provisional basis only and as such, mistakes are possible. As for the final result card, you will have to obtain it from the board directly. Result card or marksheet for 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore would be available after the official result announcement by the BISE Lahore.


Pass Percentage Matric Result 2017 Lahore

The Pass percentage of 10th class result 2017 Lahore Board can be found in the result gazette when available. The pass percentage is both for private and regular candidates appear separately. The pass percentages of different institutes affiliated by the BISE Lahore Board is also mentioned in the result gazette. You can download the result gazette at PASS.PK from our Gazette Page.


Grading Formula – Matric Result 2017 Lahore

The grading formula for 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board is as following. This formula is also followed by other Punjab Boards for 10th Class Result


80% and above 880 or more marks A+ Exceptional
70% and above but below 80% 770 to 879 marks A Excellent
60% and above but below 70% 660 to 769 marks B Very Good
50% and above but below 60% 550 to 659 marks C Good
40% and above but below 50% 440 to 549 marks D Fair
Below 40% to minimum pass marks Below 440 to minimum pass marks E Satisfactory


Institute Codes 2017 – BISE Lahore Board

The institute codes of various schools and colleges are also given in the result gazette including Institute wise performance is available with past and current results in this official document.

How to find your Class Result by Name

Sometimes students can have trouble finding the website for Name Search. In such cases students can try  different search terms to find their desired result. For example if you want to find the result for Matric Result (Class 10th Result 2017) for Lahore Board you can try the following variants


  • 10th Class Result 2017 Pass.pk (or PASS PK)
  • 10th Class 2017 by Name Lahore Board
  • Matric Result 2017 Lahore Board or (BISE Lahore)
  • SSC Part 2 Result 2017 Lahore
  • SSC-2 Result 2017 Lahore Board (BISE Lahore)
  • Result by Name 10th Class 2017
  • Search by Name 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore
  • Name Search 10th Class 2017 Lahore
  • Name Search Matric Class 10th 2017 Lahore Board (or BISE Lahore)
  • Tenth Class Result 2017 Lahore
  • SSC Part Two Result 2017 Lahore


Private & Regular Candidates

The Gazette publishes Result of both Private & Regular Candidates of 10th Class 2017. The Following information is quoted from 10th Class Result Gazette 2017 Lahore Board.


The result intimations of the private candidates are being sent to their addresses given by them for the purpose while the regular candidates will receive their Result Cards from their respective institutions.”


Exam Rechecking


Students who have failed the Matric 10th Class Exam 2017 Lahore Board can apply for rechecking of their papers if they feel a mistake has been made. Sometimes the marks improve after rechecking. Incase there is a decrease in marks after rechecking, the original higher marks retain. Please be aware that rechecking means only rechecking of numbers on the exam paper (addition of numbers) and does not mean that the examiner will mark the paper again. More importantly, Students of Class 10th 2017 of Lahore Board can apply for rechecking within 15 days after declaration of result on the official board website.


Improvement Exam


Students of Matric 10th Class 2017 of Lahore Board may also apply for improvement exam for their result. The following information is quoted from 10th Class (SSC Part-2) Result Gazette 2017.


“A candidate intending to improve his/her grade or marks is allowed to appear in Subject/s or Part-I or Part-II or both with one examination opportunity within two years of passing
relevant examination in the same group/subjects in current/prevalent syllabus. If the candidate qualified subject/s with concessional marks, he/she will also have to appear and qualify in
those subject/s for improvement of marks/grade. In case a candidate fails to improve his/her marks/grade in any part or subject/s, his/her previous result will remain intact. A candidate
may improve his/her marks at the concerned Board from where he/she has already passed his/her SSC (Part-II) examination.”


Supplementary Examination 2017


Students who have failed the Matric 10th Class Examination 2017 Lahore Board will have to apply for the supplementary examinations. This is an additional opportunity for students to pass the subject they have failed. The Secondary School Supplementary examination for 10th Class 2017 Lahore Board will commence in September 2017. Students who have been declared fail in the 10th Class Result 2017 Lahore Board will have to pass the subject in this additional examination



Please keep in mind that though we put much effort in bringing you results, PASS.PK does not take any responsibility for correctness of data on this website. All the Results on our website are un-official, provisional and for information purpose only. And as for the official result, please consult the respective boards and educational organizations.

Final Word

Matric Class 10th Result is a big deal because in most cases, this is the first career deciding exam students give in Pakistan. The Marks they obtain in this exam will decide the fate of their educational career, the colleges they get into and path they choose. We wish students all the best for the result. Till then you can relax and concentrate on your studies for the next Exam. We hope that you find the information on this website useful. Like our Facebook Page to get latest Result updates by BISE Lahore Board. Share this website and app with your friends.


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