KPK PSC Interview Result Sub-Engineers Civil (BPS-11) in Public Health Engineering Department. (Advt: No. 05/2014, S.No. 49)

KPK PSC Interview Result Sub-Engineers Civil (BPS-11) in Public Health Engineering Department. (Advt: No. 05/2014, S.No. 49)

Interviews for the above posts were held by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission. From amongst the qualified candidates, the following have been tentatively considered to be recommended to the Government for appointment subject to verification of their documents / domiciles etc and fulfillment of the criteria advertised for the posts:-
1. Aamir Shafique S/O Shafique Ahmed Haripur/5
2. Aasim Mumtaz S/O Muhammad Mumtaz Mansehra/5
3. Ahsan Aslam S/O Muhammad Aslam Abbottabad/5
4. Alamgir Khan S/O Mazullah Khan Charsadda/2
5. Arshad Ali S/O Hakeem said Moh: Agy:/1
6. Aziz ur Rehman S/O Ali Hussain N.W.Agy:/1
7. Fayyaz Ullah S/O Gul Swat/3
8. Fazal Ur Rehman S/O Badshah Khel Khy: Agy:/1
9. Husnain Zeb S/O Jahan Zeb Mansehra/5
10. Imad Khan S/O Tahir Shah Charsadda/2
11. Imran Khan S/O Mumtaz Khan Charsadda/2
12. Inam Khan S/O Muhammad Aziz Bajaur Agy:/1
13. Jahangir Khan S/O Inayat Ullah Khan Mardan/2
14. Mateen Ullah S/O Sami Ullah D.I.Khan/4
15. Muhammad Adnan Javaid S/O Muhammad Javaid Iqbal D.I.Khan/4
16. Muhammad Asim Khan S/O Muhammad Habib Khan Kohat/4
17. Muhammad Imran S/O Abbas Khan D.I.Khan/4
18. Muhammad Nisar S/O Sahmrooz Khan Moh: Agy:/1
19. Muhammad Riaz S/O Taslim Khan Khy: Agy:/1
20. Murad Khan S/O Taza Khan Bannu/4
21. Nasr Ullah Khan S/O Karim Ullah Mardan/2
22. Qaisar Rahim Khan S/O Rahim Dad Malakand/3
23. Rahmat Zeb S/O Bin Yamin Dir Upper/3
24. Rizwan Ullah S/O Gul Zaman Lakki Marwat/4
25. Saif Ul Islam S/O Wadood Shah Charsadda/2
26. Shaukat Ali S/O Muhammad Amin Swat/3
27. Suliman Khan S/O Amir Laiq Khan Dir Upper/3
28. Syed Iltaja Hussain Shah S/O Syed Tufail Ahmad Shah Abbottabad/5
29. Usman Ullah S/O Kobal Khan F.R.Bannu/1
30. Yasar Ali S/O Muqarab Khan Dir Upper/3
31. Zahid Ali S/O Fazli Raziq Malakand/3
32. Zakir Ullah S/O Noor Hani Gul Malakand/3
33. Zuhaid ur Rahman S/O Mehboob ur Rahman Charsadda/2
The above mentioned tentative recommendations do not confer any right of recommendation / appointment as any discrepancy revealed at any stage will lead to the cancellation of the recommendations / appointment of the candidate accordingly.

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