AJK PSC Syllabus for ASP/Asst.Commissioner /Section Officer Exam August 2015

AJK PSC  Syllabus for ASP/Asst.Commissioner /Section Officer Exam August 2015

Syllabus for the post of Assistant Superintendent of Police/Assistant Commissioner /Section officer and Non- Technical General Cadre posts (BPS-17).
(Written Tests)
1. English paper
1. Essay English 50 marks
2. English Precise & Composition and Letter Writing. 100 marks
2. General Knowledge
Paper –I Every day Science 50 marks
Paper – II Current Affairs 100 marks 25 marks Paper – III Pakistan Affairs
History of Kashmir 25 marks
Every Day Science: – This will contain elementary Knowledge regarding Physics, Chemistry, biology, psychology, common diseases & their remedies Public Health and Hygiene and Physical Geography.
Pakistan Affairs:- This will cover facts regarding History, Administration, Eco, social and cultural Matters and Foreign Relations
3. Islamiyat
Paper – I Islamic History 100 marks
Paper –II Islamic Fiqa, Hidiya Translation and Explanation of Holy Verses. 150 marks
4. Urdu 150 marks
Islamiat Paper “A” Part – 1
Topic 01. Basic Principles of Islam
a. Articles of Faith
b. The Concept & Spirit of Tauheed.
c. Finality of Prophet hood
d. Practices of Islam
Topic 02. Outlines of Islamic History:-
a. The Holy Prophet of Islam (صلى الله عليه وسلم):
Perfect personality, Main events of His life, Conception of Sunnah.

b. Brief Survey of the following:
Khulafa-e- Rashidain ) ¦ ( , Ummayyads, Abbasides, Muslim in Spain & North-Africa, post-moghol, Muslim Period (Persia, Ottoman, turks, Muslim in Indo-Pakistan Sub-content), Islam in the 19th & 20th Centuries. The World of Islam today.
Islamiat Paper “B” Part – II
Topic 03. The Holy Quran & Hidiyas, Salient Characteristics:-
a. Its Revelation and Compilation.
b. Certain Basic Principles :
i. Duty towards Allah (Submission to his Laws)
ii. Duty towards Society (Equality, Justice, Haqooqul ebad, Honesty intelectural as well as financials).
iii. Duty towards nature Understanding (through experimentation) conquest & domination of the forces of nature in the service of Allah.
iv. Duty towards self: Moral Development & purification with an object to serve God’s people.
c. Certain Injunctions:
i. Wealth- The permitted way of earning illegal gratification – distribution – Zakaat, Inheritance, Charity, Waqf Interest, giving away of spare wealth.
ii. Concept of love in Islam.
iii. Women: Marriage, Divorce, Polygamy, right to Inherit, Treatment, Education of all human necessity, position of women in Islamic Society.
iv. Administration: Power a trust-selection of an administration, Efficiency and Honesty.
Topic 04. The Application of Islamic teachings to Socio-Economic development in the 20 century.

Urdu Paper –I Urdu Essay, letter writing precise,
Paper –II Composition and Urdu Adab.
Pass percentage in each subject 33% Aggregate Marks 45% Viva Voice 50%
1) Management Group (Assistant Commissioner)
2) Assistant Superintendent of Police.
3) Section Officer.


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