Mcqs Test Paper DZO PPSC 2014

Mcqs Test Paper DZO PPSC 2014

Pak NAM membership year?
Word Pakistan used after Lahore Resolution
Pirpur Report was prepared by?
Radcliffe was… profession?
Pakistan joined atomic bomb club on? 28 May 1998
1st to recognize Pak? Iran
Forest percentage in Pak?
Pakistan joined the United Nations (UN) on 30 September 1947
1st Const. Assembly of Pak? Date?
1st Recipient of Nishan e Haider? Capt.Sarwar
Author of National Anthem of Pak? Hafeez J.
Integration of West Pak in one unit?
The One Unitwas a geopolitical program launched by the government of Pakistan led by then-Prime Minister Muhammad Bogra on 22 November 1954.
1956 Const. PM at that time? Ch M Ali Bogra
India reffered to Kashmir dispute in UN in?
USSR dismembered in (year)?
British India Association established by?
Length of Indus river?3200Km
….is the oldest barrage of Pakistan?
Capacity of Warsak Dam?
Pak-India military assets division ratio atpartition?
Women joined Muslim league in?
Human male brain weight (ounces)?
Human female brain weight (ounces)?
Bones in body?
Strongest muscle of body?
Members from Local Zakat committee ?
Date of ordinance?
Ordinance can be challenged by?
Any companion who exempted people from Zakat?
Animal exempted from Zakat?
Which companion exempted Horse from Zakat?
During early Islam
In Fitra what can be given as food?
In Fitra what should be quality of food?
Honey as a trade what should be %age?
To whom Zakat can be given?
No.of Ulema in central Zakat Council?
Chief Secretary of CZC?
Zakat on insane?
Less than five camels?
Zakat on Non Muslims?
Ushr on Muslims as a?
Fitra on new born child when?
Fitra of a child upon?
During prophet’s time what was ratio/percentage of Ushr on Barani or Chahi land?

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