KPK PSC Tehsildar Test MCQ’s Paper

KPK PSC Tehsildar Test MCQ’s Paper

Dialysis is used in Kidney failure
2) Cabinet mission plan divided India into 3 groups
3)Khwaja Nazimuddin was the 2nd Prime Minsiter
4)One Unit was established in 1955
5)1st Round table conference in Nov 1930
6) Umar bin Abdul Haziz was the 5th Caliph
7) Causes of Indian revolt was written by Sir Syed
8) Surat-e-Fateha contains 7 ayas
9)There are 7 manzil in Quran
10) Geroge Washington was the 1st President of US
11) I don’t recall the English MCQ but the answer was Hasn’t he?
12) Stanly Wolpert was teh author of Jinnah of Pakistan
13) Human body contains 5-6 liters of blood
14) Qanoon al-Tibb was written by Ibn Sina
15) Pakistan became a member of CENTO in 1955
16) Pakistan issued its first coin in 1948
17) State Bank was formed in 1948
18) Ghalib was born in 1797
19) The atomic bomb fell on Hiroshema on Aug 6th, 1945
20) Venus is the closest planet to Earth
21) Galelio invented Thermometer
22) Adult Franchise in 1970 elections
23) Suez canal connects Mediterrian sea with Red Sea
24) Strait of Hormuz connects Persian Gulf with Arabian sea
25) Hayat Javed was written by Hali
26) 8th Amendment in 1985
27) Laughing Gas (Nitrogen + Oxygen)
28) UN has 6 official languages
29) Bismillah comes twice in Sura Namal
30) Wright brothers are credited for the creation of aeroplane
31) Hygrometer is used to measures rain ( Although, I think it should be a rain guage)
32) UNESCO headoffice in Paris
33) Moin-u-din Chisti established Chishtiya order
34) Freon gas is used in refrigerators
35) Umrae-Daraz mang kai liay thai char din—Bahadur Shah Zafar
36) U2 Bomber iincident 1960
37) Pakistan fiscal year starts on July 1
38) Ankara is the capital of Turkey
39) Ringhit is the currency of Malaysia
40) Pragmatic-Practical
41) Anomaly- Irregularity
42) Consensus-Agreement

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