PMS General Knowledge Mcqs

PMS General Knowledge Mcqs

“Salisbury”is the old name of which city?
2). Night blindedness is caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?
3). Rays of sun are the source of which vitamin?
4). What is digital divide?
5) .”Haifa” is the seaport of which country?
6) . Which gas company of Russia supplies gas to European states?
7). which disease is caused by H5N1 virus?
8) .Which famous character is produced by J.K Rowling?
9) .Which game Qutab-ud-din Aibek was playing when he died?
10) .What is the relation between DNA and Chromosomes?
11) .Which is the oldest invention among bicycle,___,___,and clock?
12) .Which country’s parliament is called ‘Diet’?
13) .What is choreography?
14) In which city there is the largest stock exchange of the world?
15) Who wrote “Spirit of Islam”?
16) .Who wrote “India Wins Freedom”?
17). what is Earth’s diameter in KM?
18). Which Railway line connects Pakistan and Iran?
19). Who defeated Napoleon in the war of waterloo?
20). In which state of USA Hollywood is located?
21). What is Glacier?
22). Suez Canal connects which two seas?
23) Who is the present ambassador of Pakistan to USA?
24) . Who was the president of USA during First World War?
25). Where is the Silicon valley?
26)  Who was the first CM of Punjab?
27). Who was the first ambassador of Pakistan to USA?
28) .Who was Ibn-e-Khaldun?
29).In which city World Economic forum usually helds its meetings ?
30) .What is the reason of Aeriel Sharoon’s leaving the premiership?
31). What is the major hurdle in Pak-Iran-India gas pipeline project?
32) .Where is the Golden Gate?
33) .What is the reason of earthquake?
34). What is Ivy league?
35). Which quality is attached to Vishnu?
36) .What is holocaust?
37) .Which country is below the sea level?
38). Who is considered as the Leader of moderm Chinese economy?
39).What is track-2 diplomacy?
40).What name is given to the place of 9/11?
41) .Which are the primary colours?
42).What is armageddon?
43.Where Akhori Dam will be built by WAPDA?
44).Which disesase is caused by the viral infection of liver?
45).”Gestapo” was the secret police of which country?
46) .Footballer Zaidane originally belongs to which country?
47). Khalil Jibran belonged to which country?
48).What it is called when Stock Exchange is going down?
49).Which river crosses equator twice?
50) .How many zero’z are in 1 trillion?

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