National Bank of Pakistan Required Application for Prime Minister’s Small Business Loan Scheme

National Bank Of Pakistan Required Application For Prime Minister’s Small Business Loan Scheme

National Bank of Pakistan Required Application for Prime Minister’s Small Business Loan Scheme

Prime Minister’s Small Business Loan Scheme

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Salient Features
Brief Description Small business Loans will focus on (but will not be restricted to unemployed youth, especially educated youth looking for establishing or extending business enterprises.
Eligibility criteria All Men/Women holding CNIC, aged between 21 and 45 years with entrepreneurial potential to apply from designated branches mapped with area of residence/business.
Security Requirements One Guarantor
Permissible Collaterals Business hypothecation
Focus on women 50% of loans will go to women borrowers.
Debt-Equity ratio 90:10
The borrowers’ contribution of equity would be in the form of cash or immovable property and will be required after approval of the loan. 
Loan Period Tenor of loan will be 7 years with 1 year grace period. Loan tenure will start after completion of grace period.
Pricing 8% fixed of borrower. Government will pay the difference of the cost of KIBOR + 500 bps.
Risk mitigation Government will share 50% of losses subject to a maximum of 10% of the loan amount.
Number of loans 100,000
Size of Loan Upto Rs 2,000,000 (Twenty Lacs)
Allocation in budget 2013-14 Rs. 5 Billion
Executing agency IIn the first instance, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and First Women Bank Limited (FWBL) under the guidance and supervision of State Bank of Pakistan( SBP) to ensure participation of private banks:  a) Private banks will be required to participate in this scheme on the basis of soundness of business proposals; and 

b) SBP will encourage private banks to build this portfolio commensurate with their size. 

c) SBP will arrange appropriate training for private banks to implement this scheme. 

d) NBP will continue to play the lead role 

Sectors and Products All sectors. Standardized schemes /projects/undertakings will be designed by SMEDA, projects designed by private sector service providers or individuals themselves will also be admissible.  Role of SMEDA: 

a) The 50 feasibilities prepared and uploaded by SMEDA will b extensively publicized and their access to public made easier through multiple linkages with other relevant websites. 

b) SMEDA will work closely with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to ensure that the schemes are accessible to those who participate in PITB survey.

Application Form The Form would be both in English and Urdu, and required minimum essential information with simple format.  The processing time will not exceed 15 days and will be so stated clearly in the application form; and 

The form would be readily available both in branches and through dedicated websites of the banks. 

Non- refundable form processing fee will be Rs. 100 (One Hundred) 

Monitoring SBP will publish consolidated information about the loans extended under the scheme for information of the public on quarterly bases on its website;  An effective Complaints Center to process and resolve complaints will be set up; 

E-government directorate of Ministry of IT will provide support

Geographical Distribution Whole of Pakistan. In case of Baluchistan, at least one branch of NBP will be designated per Division.  All non-designated branches will also provide and receive filled application forms and dispatch them to the nearest branches.
Download Application Form 


National Bank Of Pakistan Required Application For Prime Minister’s Small Business Loan Scheme


  1. salam.I need loan.mai karo bar karna chahta ho.mere pass huner hai.mujaye is loan ke bohat zarorat hai.plz meri help kary.mai bank ke khilaf warzi nai karo ga.waqt per loan wapis karo ga.Insh Allah’ plz sir help me.plzzzzz

  2. Assalam o alaikum to all
    this is a very good effort by pm sb, it will help the needy youth persons who are unemployed but have any technical experience or want to start business at small level
    very very fruitful strive even never taken by any govt before.
    Attaullah memon

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am Pleased To Hear That Your Government Is Doing Something For The Unemployed Youth.
    Make the process transparent and easy for us.If you really want to help the needy and unemployed youth.Please sir if you are seriously going to give the loan I want to get .As I am one of the sufferer of this nation who is unemployed and depressed because of the continuously increasing prices of everything .Life has become miserable.I cannot make my both ends meet.I am studying and cant even pay my fee.Kindly dont play with the feelings of youth.Do what you have promised.May God bless you.

  4. Dear sir,
    My name is amir iqbal.I m student of graduation level.i want to open computer shope so thats why i need three lakhs ruppees so please help me i will always greatful to you
    Thanks regards.
    Amir iqbal

  5. ye offer sirf un logo k leye hai jo in k apny kas bndy hon gay q k kisi b poor person ke 18 grade officer gurantee nahi dy ga aur in ki sharayat bht sakhi hain esi wja se mai ne fill keya huwa form phar deya q k in ke sharayat jo ain wo puri nahi ho skti es ka matlab hai k ye dena he nahi chahty

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